Sunday, January 25, 2015

Things to do in Jaco Beach

See and Do Jaco Costa Rica

It is hard to imagine a better way to enjoy the pleasures of paradise glides smoothly across the ocean with ease and the gentle rhythm of a boat. If you want to spend half an hour or a day and a half, car pedals, healthy and respectful of the environment to get on the water and enjoy the time with a friend or loved one.

  A quick trip to the south of Jaco by a good road takes you to one of the most beautiful beaches and incredible national parks in the world - Manuel Antonio. Known to show the natural beauty archetype offered to the beach and animals, and jungle candidates in Costa Rica, this 4,000-acre nature reserve, just should be on your list of destinations. With nearby shops, hotels and restaurants, making it a great weekend getaway for those who wish to experience almost all the natural wonders of Costa Rica at a time.
Manuel Antonio White face monkey
Manuel Antonio

trek A local path that candidates must take a trip to the mountain is Miro, Jaco. With miles of lush virgin hugs challenging tracks of the desert, this hike is one of several in the region that will reward you with stellar views and the opportunity to enjoy a day close to nature, not far from the comfort of your hotel or at home.

  ATV Adventure Tour A great way to explore Jaco is a guided mountain biking. Mountain bike hire for a tour of the surrounding hills, mountains and beaches of Jaco is a great adventure. For individuals, couples or families, this can be a great way to spend the afternoon watching one side of Jaco few have access.

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